July 27 2023


Explore the galaxy in search of the unknown galactic
heritage known as the "Vault."
A top-down roguelike
shooter in which you and your teammates
various artifacts and battle powerful monsters.


The game consists of the following 4 game modes,and you clear each mode by beating all the stages.
You advance through all game modes by acquiring stronger gear and becoming more powerful.

  • ●Practice Mode

    This galaxy has had all dangerous elements removed.
    It is suitable for practicing with new Breakers.

  • ●Galaxy

    This game mode consists of exploring galaxies sequentially.
    Find and replicate various relics in more difficult galaxies.

  • ●Season challenge

    In this mode, select the planet you want to explore.
    Earn Challenge Badges by completing higher difficulties.

  • ●NEW PVP Mode NEW

    Breaker VS Breaker Online battle mode.
    The first to win 3 rounds emerges victorious!
    Stand above all other players!